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Hello, my name is Cory.  I have been in the fitness world since I was in High School.  I would train in the weight room learning how to lift from the track & football coaches, along with my classmates.  I played volleyball for the BC3 Pioneers, was a swim instructor at a YMCA and worked the weight room at a gym.  I studied as a Physical Therapy Assistant before landing a very nice job with the Air Force as a civilian. I was able to move onto a government position as a Freedom of Information & Privacy act specialist working for the Department of Defense and holding a Top-Secret Clearance.  At the same time, I was able to maintain my Personal Training, group and indoor cycling certifications.  A fun hobby which I had/have a lot of passion.  In the Fall of 2013, I lost my father, and, in the Spring of 2014, I lost my position due to Government restructuring.  Took a while to pull myself out of the rut.  I started to reflect on what I had gathered while working in gyms & YMCA part time.  I realized there is more to fitness than just a treadmill and an elliptical.  Woman truly need to learn the confidence of what it's like to lift weights correctly and see results faster.  To build the person they were looking for from the inside out.  Therefore, in 2015 I decided to start a studio and called it Believe N-U Fitness.  At the time our hometown, Saxonburg, was in need of some fitness.  After being a Personal Trainer for 15+ years I thought why not start something up for the woman in our community.  I have a passion for staying fit and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  I know it can be done if you believe in yourself.  Fitness and prayer are what got me out of my rut and keeps me out!  Which hence the whole reason to the name of our great studio.  

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My Health & Fitness Story

In 2014 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I realized sticking to a fitness regimen was extremely important.  If you don't move the autoimmune disease will take control of you.  I have since advanced into Hashimoto's.  I have been able to control it by staying physically active even when I don't want to move.  Therefore, if you're reading this and are like "that's me" then I get you and BELIEVE IN YOU.  

My first love of fitness was running.  I used to get pumped with the competition of any race that would allow me to better my time, from 5K's to half Marathons.  I didn't care about others around me I just loved to be on the open road, no music just me.  I have run 15 half marathons in my life so far which sadly led me to a low back injury in 2008.  Resulting in scoliosis in my low back, 4 bulging discs, degeneration between two discs and a low back that was completely twisted around causing me to stop running immediately and 2 years of recovery.  Therefore, my passion, my stress relief was taken from me leaving me to find a new stress relief, other than weight training.  That's when indoor cycling came into my life.  


I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness and indoor cycling instructor with a background in anatomy and physiology, who started her love of fitness helping people achieve their individual health and fitness goals. I am passionate about assisting clients who come from a background of illness or injury to help regain strength and confidence in themselves! I also am currently Knochs Middle School Track Coach for sprinters and hurdlers. 

Certifications include:
ISSA Personal Trainer

ISSA Nutrition Specialist 

Cycle Fusion Instructor
Several years with Mad Dogg Athletics Spin & UGI Instructor
NAFC Group Fitness
BodySHRED by Jillian Michaels 
Tabata Boot Camp

Education in Physical Therapy Assisting with an understanding to the human body and injuries.  
CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers with First Aid by the American Red Cross
I believe that overall health is greatly influenced by nutrition in addition to your fitness regime.   

All of our classes are energetic and engaging!  They help you feel challenged from the inside out! We are available for personal training, health assessments and nutrition planning. Come to the studio to sign up for your first class and be ready to discover your fullest potential.  

There are many different ways to get fit and stay fit. Lose weight, run a marathon or get that beach body—take a look at our classes page to see the different ways our team can help achieve your fitness goals.

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