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Gym Class

Indoor Cycling

High cardio class on stationary bikes set to energizing music

Power Up

Weight lifting to music in a full body toning class. 


Cardio dance class featuring Latin dance and music

Silver Sneakers

Cardio and toning for senior citizens 63+

UGI Tone/Core

30 minute class using a weighted ball moving to new exercises every minute


Three in one! Indoor cycling weight training and core exercises 20 min each.

Machine Guide

Learn the exercise machines focusing on proper form with sets & repetition


High intensity endurance building using body weights & hand weights

Total Body Toner

Strength training class using dumbbells and body weight. Does contain HIIT exercises.

Barre Fusion

Low impact strength and cardio exercises that improve posture & core


High-energy class improving stamina, coordination, and lean muscle

Step Aerobics

Full aerobic class using an adjustable platform set to music

Know Your #'s

Goal setting! Record your measurements, weigh-in, bike adjustments & more.

Step Tabata

HIIT class with timed intervals to increase strength and endurance

Virtual Classes

Sign up for select classes to take from home. See schedule for virtual options.
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